Sorokin Anatoly

Sorokin Anatoly

Sorokin Anatoly is the Associate Professorof the Department of State Building, PhD (Associate Professor)

He graduated from the Engineering and Economics faculty of the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute (1972). PhD in Economics (1989), Associate Professor (2001), Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Science and manufacturing practices (2002).

Member of the Scientific and Methodological Council "Business Administration" Educational and methodical association of higher educational institutions on Education in Management.

Specializes in management theory, industrial, innovative, creative and strategic management, project management, organization of administrative work.

He was a research consultant permanent seminar executives of national and local government agencies, held under the leadership of the President.

Specializes in the development of educational standards and model curricula in the field of educational and methodical association of universities of the Ministry of Education, research work department and the Academy of Management on management by economic entities of Belarus.

Author of more than one hundred scientific papers, scientific and methodological developments, including a number of methodological, training manuals, production and practical publications: "Multi-level integrated process control in the associations and enterprises with the discrete nature of production" (1983), "Production Management" ( 2004, 2008), "Managing Innovation" (2005), "The organization of labor leader" (2006, 2008), "Project Management" (2010), "Strategic Management" (2010 .), etc.

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