Brass Alexander

Brass Alexander

Brass Alexander is the Associate Professor of the Department of State Building, PhD in Economics (Associate Professor).

He graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty, Belarusian State University (1982). PhD in Economics (1994), Associate Professor (1997), Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Science and manufacturing practices (2002).

Specialization: management theory, human resource management, organizational design and organizational behavior.

Author of more than one hundred and fifty scientific publications and teaching materials, including a number of textbooks, teaching aids and practical media production, "Principles of Management" (1999), "Fundamentals of the theory of organization" (2002), "Management: Science and Practice of constructive leadership" (2006), "Management: basic concepts, types, functions" (2006), "Personnel management: the leadership to co-operate" (2006), "Motivation: sweet carrot and stick tight" (2007), "The methodology of decision-making" (2009), "Personnel Management" (2009), "Management and Organizational Behavior" (2011).

List of scientific publications

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