Klochkov Valery

Klochkov Valery

Klochkov Valery - Associate Professor of the Department of State Building, PhD in Philosophy (Associate Professor).


He graduated from the Wood College of Polotsk, Belarusian Technological Institute named after Kirov, the Higher Party School, graduate of the Belarusian State University named after Lenin.

He worked in the Komsomol;

since 1975 - in the training. Director - Head of the Chair of the Republican Komsomol School, Director - Head of the Department of the National Research Centre for the CC;

since 1992 head of the personnel department of the Academy of Management, chair of the humanities, the director of the Institute for Advanced Management Training.

In 2008 he was elected as thehead of the Department of State Building.

The main direction of scientific activity:

Improvement of professional management personnel, political science, public administration and local government and self-government.

Member of the Council of the Academy of Management.

He was awarded medals "For Labor Valor to commemorate the 110 anniversary of the birth of  Lenin "and" For Labor ", Gratitude of the President of Belarus Lukashenko.

Author of more than 50 scientific publications. Took an active part in the development of regulations governing the training of the employees of government in the Republic of Belarus.

List of scientific publications

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