The Faculty of Training and Retraining

The Faculty of Training and Retraining

The Faculty of Training and Retraining takes a notable place in carrying out the primary tasks of the Academy of Public Administration. The Faculty aims at implementing state personnel policy, continuing professional education of administrative personnel, senior executives and specialists included in the administrative personnel reserve.

The Faculty of Training and Retraining was set up on 18 November, 2013 as a result of the merger of The Faculty of Training and The Faculty of Retraining which were headed by Vladimir V. Bolotin, Candidate of Sciences in philosophy, Associate Professor, and Olga B. Khoroshko, Candidate of Sciences in Economics, Associate Professor.

Since 2015 the Faculty of Training and Retraining has been headed by Andrey A. Tsobkalo, Candidate of Sciences in Hstory, Associate Professor.

The Vice-Dean of the Faculty is Yelena I. Sapiolkina, Candidate of Sciences in Eonomics, Associate Professor.

The principal directions of the Faculty are provided by the Decrees of the President of the Republic of Belarus (No. 354, 26 July, 2004; No. 275, 2 June, 2009).

The enhancement of administrative efficiency directly depends on constant personnel development. Highly qualified administrative personnel are targeted at the effective solution of challenging economic, social and political tasks, which stresses the necessity to systematically expand knowledge through retraining and acquiring new professional qualifications.

The Faculty of Training and Retraining of the Institute of Civil Service comprises eight departments: State Building, Public Administration of Social Sphere and Belarusian Studies, Foreign Languages, International Business, Psychology of Administration, Theory and Practice of Public Administration, Administration of Regional Development, Philosophy and Ideological Activities.

The departments of the Faculty offer a wide variety of programs of study at the first and second levels of higher education and retraining top-ranking executives and specialists. They also provide post-graduate and master’s courses. The process of instruction at the Faculty is closely integrated with scientific research and innovation, ideological and educational work.

The Faculty of Training and Retraining carries out specialized training of administrative personnel with higher education, as well as specialists from state agencies, industrial enterprises and socio-economic sphere who have been held in the administrative personnel reserve. The Faculty provides three types of training: a 10-month full-time course, a 22-month correspondence course in line with the state order or on a paid basis, and a 36-month distance learning course.

At present the Faculty offers 17 programs of study: a 10-month full-time course in “Public and Local Administration”, 22-month correspondence courses in “Crisis Management of an Enterprise”; “State Ideology and Human Resource Management”; “Public and Local Administration”; “Public Administration in Pretrial Investigation”; “Public Administration and Ideology”; “Public Administration of the National Economy”; “Public Administration of Social Sphere”; “Business Administration”; “Innovation Management”; “Information and Analytical Activities in the System of Public Administration Agencies”; “International Business”; “International Marketing”; “Management of the Agrarian Industrial Complex”; “Management of State Information Resources”; “Personnel Management”; “Economics and Industrial Enterprise Management”, and the distance learning course in “State Building”.

The enrollment of students is carried out in line with the state order (from among those who have been held in the Administrative Personnel Reserve of the Head of the State) or at the recommendation of the President’s Executive Office of the Republic of Belarus, the Council of Ministers, the regional and local government authorities, industrial enterprises and other organizations.

Since the establishment of the Faculty of Training and Retraining about 6,000 specialists have developed their professional competence and 60 executives have undergone specialized training in “State Building”.
In order to provide a high-quality education the Faculty develops syllabi and programs on the basis of the modular system of teaching by taking into account professional qualifications, the established administrative hierarchy, and types and specific professional features of administrative personnel.

The Faculty designs courses for students based on the implementation of modern effective forms and methods of teaching, namely problem seminars, round-table discussions, business games, brainstorming sessions, case studies, video conferencing, etc.

The Faculty of Training and Retraining maintains contact with the graduates, monitors their career advancement, and actively attracts them to give lectures, attend seminars, and participate in cultural and social events. It is no exaggeration to say that the graduates of the Faculty of Training and Retraining are the professional elite of the state: they hold high government positions, take up major posts in law enforcement agencies, successfully manage industrial enterprises and organizations, mass media, public associations, and represent the interests of Belarus in the international arena.

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