The Institute of Civil Service

The Faculty of Training and Retraining

The Faculty of Advanced Training

The Institute of Managerial Education

Faculty of Administration and Management

Faculty of Innovation and Technology Management

Faculty of Pre-University Education

State Administration Theory and Practice Research Institute

  • State Administration Research Center
  • State Human Resources Policy Research Center
  • Center for the Scientific Support for the Automated Data System Reserve
  • Education Technologies Center


  • IT Center  
  • Center for International Cooperation and Educational Programs
  • Trade complex of the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the Belarus President
  • Publishing Center
  • Press Center 


  • Postgraduate Studies Office
  • Research and Innovations Planning and Organization Office
  • Organization and Analysis Office
  • Quality Management Department
  • Library
  • Logistics Office
  • Capital Projects Office
  • Administration Office
  • Labor protection bureau
  • Sports complex

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