PhD degree programme

PhD degree programme

The Academy of Public Administration offers PhD courses in the following majors:

*08.00.01 – Economic Theory
*08.00.05 – Economics and National Economy Management (in sectors and fields)
08.00.13 – Mathematical and Instrumental Methods in Economy
*08.00.14 – World Economy
12.00.02 – Constitutional Law; Municipal Law
12.00.03 – Civil Law; Business Law; Family Law; Private International Law
12.00.10 – International Law; European Law;
12.00.14 – Administrative Law; Finance Law; Information Law
12.00.15 – Civil Process; Arbitration Proceedings
*19.00.03 – Psychology of Labour, Engineering Psychology, Ergonomics
*19.00.13 – Developmental Psychology, Acmeology
*22.00.08 – Sociology of Management
*23.00.01 – Theory of Politics, History and Methodology of Political Science
*23.00.02 – Political Institutions, Political Ethnic Conflict Management, National and Political Processes and Technologies
*23.00.04 – Political Issues of International Relations and Global Development

*Doctoral studies are also available in the marked courses

Courses offered in the languages other than Russian:


Tutor’s Name/Degree
Course Major

Thesis Subjects

Language of Instruction


Mr Ihar Hancharonak
Prof, Dr Sci

-Innovative development of higher education and the Bologna process;
-Internationalisation of higher education;
-Synergetics paradigme in public administration.



Ms Svetlana Lapina
Prof, Dr Sci
Social Studies

-Sociological and administrative mechanism of the development of social systems (at a macro and micro level)

English, Polish, French


Mr Sergei Kizima
Assoc Prof, Dr Sci
Political Sciences

All scope of topics in the framework of Political Science



Ms Elena Semashko
Assoс Prof, PhD

Constitutional and Municipal Law:
-Comparative analysis of election systems;
-Constitutional legal foundations of local administration and self-government;
-Implementation of constitutional standards;
-Constitutional legal aspects of the state sovereignty in the globalizing world;
-Reformation of the system of local administration and self-government and administrative territorial division;
-Legal status of institutions and officers employed at local administration and self-government bodies;
-Comparative constitutional law: modern approaches;
-The science of constitutional law in modern legal systems;
-Resources of constitutional law in foreign countries;
-Major stages of constitutional development of the modern states;
-Democracy, European constitutional cultures and globalization;
-European integration: problems and perspectives;
-IT and human rights;
-Electoral systems and elections in foreign countries;
-Constitutional models of legislative power internationally;
-Presidency and international experience;
-Parliament and international experience;
-Government and international experience;
-Constitutional control in foreign countries;
-Territorial division in modern states;
-Modern federalism: practices and perspectives.
Administrative Law; Financial Law and Information Law:
-Theoretical, legal and organizational challenges of the public administration mechanism;
-Relation of the administrative law to other branches of the law;
-Legal and organizational challenges of the administrative law-making;
-Evolution of administrative power;
-Responsibility for violating information law;
-Organisational, legal and information procurement of public administration;
-Managerial acts in administrative legislation;
-Participants of administrative legislation and their legal status;
-Legal regulation of organisations’ status in administrative legislation;
-Challenges in administrative legislation;
-Administrative delictology as a branch of science;
-Administrative violation;
-Administrative responsibility;
-Reasons and conditions triggering administrative violations and their prevention;
-Administrative process: definition, kinds, problems;
-Procedural and executive process on administrative cases;
-Legal regulation of IT security;
-Information law violations;
-International legal regulation of IT environment.


The duration of the PhD courses: 

Full-time – 3 years
Part-time – 4 years
By an individual programme – 5 years

Official Invitation for Education

To apply for a PhD course at the Academy of Public Administration international citizen should hold a Master’s degree.

According to the President’s Decree of 01.12.2011 all Belarusian and foreign citizens (including stateless persons) wishing to apply for university courses at Belarusian universities should have their diplomas certified as complying with the local standards on higher education and academic degrees. The certificates on compliance are officially issued by the National Institute for Higher Education and should be acquired before application submission. For more information, please visit web-site or contact us by e-mail

To receive an official invitation letter for education international citizen should file the following documents to the Academy of Public Administration for their further consideration:

  • application letter (according to the established format),
  • notarized copies of educational certificates validated in compliance to the rules set by the Belarusian legislation with a list of learned disciplines and grades (if other is not stipulated in international agreements of the Republic of Belarus),
  • certificate on diploma compliance issued by the National Institute for Higher Education of the Republic of Belarus,
  • copy of passport or notarized copy of birth certificate or any other document verifying applicant’s identity,
  • notarized copy of medical examination, allowing education in the climate conditions of the Republic of Belarus and at the corresponding educational establishment, issued by the official health authority of the country of applicant’s residence,
  • a list and copies of published scientific works, description of carried-out research and development and all other relevant scientific materials,
  • 2 photographs (4x6 format).

Documents should be sent by post to the Centre of International Cooperation and Educational Programmes.

22, Karl Marx Str.,
220030 Minsk
Centre for International Cooperation and Educational Programmes
Room 201

Incomplete package of documents, documents sent by fax or e-mail will not be considered.

Documents’ evaluation:

Centre for International Cooperation and Educational Programmes takes 5 days to evaluate the filed documents and the Academy’s authorities decide whether the applicant is fit to study at the Academy of Public Administration. If the decision is positive Centre of International Cooperation and Educational Programmes sends to the applicant an official invitation letter for education, which is required for visa issuing by the consular establishment of the Republic of Belarus in the country of applicant’s residence (for international students from the countries with a visa system of entrance to the Republic of Belarus).


Applicants, wishing to take PhD courses at the Academy of Public Administration should file the following documents:

  • official document proving applicant’s current job position,
  • CV,
  • 3 photographs (4x6 format),
  • health certificate issued by an official local health authority of the Republic of Belarus (after an obligatory medical check-up on the request of the educational establishment),
  • identity card and visa permission,
  • educational certificate proving that applicant’s level of education is sufficient for taking PhD courses and a list of the studied disciplines and grades,
  • health certificate on HIV-absence issued by the official health authority of applicant’s country of residence,
  • health insurance in accordance with legislative norms of the Republic of Belarus,
  • notarized copy of birth certificate,
  • 4 photographs (3x4 format).

Identity cards and original documents should be handed in personally by the applicant.

The cost of education for citizens from the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan are equal to the educational fees for citizens of the Republic of Belarus. The cost of education for citizens of other foreign states is set by contracts.

Contact Information:

Centre for International Cooperation and Educational Programmes   

Tel.:(+375 17) 229-52-51
Fax: (+375 17) 229-53-56

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