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Centre for International Cooperation and Educational Programmes

Director: Tatsiana Samasiuk

Historical Background

The centre was established on November 28th, 1991, according to the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus initially bearing the name of International Centre for Managerial Personnel Training and Business Cooperation. In 2001 the centre acquired the name of International Centre for Cooperation and Educational Programmes.

The centre was set up to

  • implement international educational and research programmes in managerial personnel training,
  • forge cooperation with international educational institutions,
  • organize international conferences and workshops,
  • provide assistance with documentation processing in the framework of staff and student exchange.

The first to coordinate the centre was Anatoliy Shrubenko (first Rector of the Academy). During the time of its functioning the Centre was also headed by Nikolay Semiletnikov (1992-1993, 1998-2002), Eduard Skobelev (1993-1995), Aleksander Kopot (2002-2005), Sergey Demkov (2005-2006), Boris Lysiakov (2006-2008), Tatyana Prannik (2008-2013). Since 2014 the centre is managed by Ms Tatsiana Samasiuk.  

General Information

The Centre was formed to promote Academy’s international links and mutually beneficial contacts with related national and foreign educational and research establishments on the basis of bilateral and multilateral agreements and running programmes on cooperation aimed at task solution in managerial personnel training and re-qualification.

The Centre promotes Academy’s cooperation with its partner institutions in Russia, Ukraine, China, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Cuba, Lithuania, Germany, Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Czech Republic, Armenia, Poland, Vietnam. 55 agreements have been signed between the Academy and its partner institutions.

The Centre actively supports student and faculty exchange.

The Centre for International Cooperation and Educational Programmes provides assistance in organizing meetings between Academy’s governing body and prominent international figures, lectures by representatives of foreign missions and international organizations held both for teaching staff and students. The Academy was visited by the heads of diplomatic legations from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Turkey, India, UK, France, Korea, Israel, Poland, Germany, Iran, Lithuania, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Estonia and also by UNDP Resident Representative in Belarus.

Centre’s Main Functions:

  • Organizational, informational and methodical provision of Academy’s cooperation with national and foreign research and educational establishments in the area of managerial personnel training and re-qualification.
  • Informational support and consulting services on implementation of lifelong education in the framework of managerial personnel training.
  • Promotion of student and staff exchange aimed at analysis and practical use of foreign experience in managerial personnel training. Invitation of foreign specialists for holding lectures, workshops and consultations at the Academy.
  • Coordination of international events such as scientific and research conferences, symposia, workshops, exhibitions.
  • Establishing contacts and drafting agreements on cooperation with foreign educational and research establishments specializing in managerial personnel training and re-qualification.
  • Rendering informational, organizational and methodical assistance to Academy’s structural subdivisions in implementation of the reached agreements. Mobilization of investments, assistance with the implementation of Academy’s programmes and projects, search for international partners, assistance with their participation in educational programmes held in Belarus.
  • Consolidation and maintenance of contacts with foreign missions and international organizations accredited in the Republic of Belarus with the aim of upgrading the level of faculty’s skills and promotion of participation in governmental and international programmes.
  • Execution of necessary documents for trips abroad.
  • Ceremonial support for Academy’s international events.

Staff members:

  • Tatsiana Samasiuk – Director
  • Tatiana Tishkevich
  • Katsiaryna Yadlouskaya
  • Tatsiana Ausiankina

Contact information:

22, Karl Marx Str.
Minsk, Belarus, 220030
Room 201
Tel.: (+375 17) 229-53-55 (Director); (+375 17) 229-53-56.
Fax: (+ 375 17) 229-52-51

e-mail: interbiz@pac.by

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